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Let Us Supply Your Flame...

Need Firewood? We've Got It!!!


It's what we do!

We process firewood 12 months out of the year so we are here when you need us. We are here to supply firewood for your bonfires and chilly nights at the cabin while you relax on vacation, all winter long to keep your families warm through the cold season, or maybe you just need it to heat up your shop for a project you are working on. Whatever your needs may be we are here to help. We deliver by the truck load, or a 9 yard dump trailer load. You can also come pick up your own for smaller loads all the way down to just a wheelbarrow load or a bundle if that's what you need.


6052 Southern Drive

Mt. Iron, MN

Hours and Operation


Please call or text us to work out a time for pickup or to schedule a delivery that is most convenient for you. We would hate to have you take the time to come out and see us just to find out that we are not there.

If your tired of your firewood guy saying next Tuesday the 6th week of never month, give us a call! We don’t only sell firewood we sell service!

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